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Concamo: The Ultimate Camouflage Gear

Concamo: The Ultimate Camouflage Gear

Over the years camouflage patterns have changed various times to help consumers better blend in with their surroundings. Primarily due to the fact that the need to decrease visibility and remain hidden has increased while in combat, so that teams can not only have the upper advantage, but also for recon and informational purposes. While many camouflage patters work well and have helped disguise their inhabitant, there is nothing quite like the recent camouflage pattern release; Concamo.

What is Concamo?

Developed in Germany, Concamo is a new camouflage pattern that has been making its way on the scene, spreading across the globe quite quickly. Concamo, which is short for confusion camouflage, is a unique pattern that has been developed to trick all observers and those nearby on a subconscious level. Rather than just relying on the purpose to blend in, the purpose of this camo gear is to create an illusion.

Ideal for mixed-forests and other lush and murky environments, the Concamo features 8 colours that have been blended and mashed together through various shadings to help create a look that gives over 60 layers of perceivable depth. Hence where the psychology trickery comes into play! With this in mind, users can rest assured knowing that they will be uncovered, especially when wearing these patterns in the right environment.

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Camouflage on a Subconscious Level

The founders of Concamo have truly brought their patterns and print to a next level. The whole idea of the brand and the camo pattern came to mind when trying to find a solution that would blend users into their surroundings, by playing solely on the hunter’s perceptual psychology.

If you look closely to the pattern, you will notice that there are various layers and shapes. Most of these shapes are naturally occurring (especially in mixed-forest environments) and so they have been included into the pattern, with 25 different layers, to create this confusion in the viewer’s brain, making them think that no one is there.

Now don’t be fooled! When looking at these photos you may feel as though the object is quite obvious and easy to spot out. However, when out in about and not expecting the unexpected, the information of this pattern is unable to relay to the conscious mind of the hunter. And so, the end result is that the user of this camo will become undetected and passed by (the ideal solution for all who wear it).

It Started in 1992

You may not have heard about this camouflage pattern, and that is particularly because although production and development started in the early 90’s, it wasn’t until 2017 that the founders felt ready enough to finally release it to the public.

In the early 90’s the creator of this product was just starting his development of the pattern, all before heading to his career in the Special Forces. It was through his time in the military that he sealed the deal on how to perfect his pattern and approach to concealment, so that professionals and users could rest assured knowing that they had a fool proof option. One that would truly help them perform their mission and reach their desired result, without the fear that their gear wouldn’t protect them and keep them hidden.

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Over the years the pattern was developed, critiqued, and perfected until late 2010,’s when the application of modern science was included to help create the optical illusion of the print, which helps to throw off one’s perceptual psychology. Then in March of 2018, Concamo was premiered at the IWA trade show with its first and only (at that time) green pattern option. This was the same month in which the German Federal Government Special Forces unit picked up the clothing for its teams, putting the founder’s hard work and skilled camo gear to test.

Design and Materials

Since 2018, the pattern has expanded to be featured in three different colours; green, of course, brown, and now beige. This has allowed members who use Conamo to stay hidden in multiple types of environments, from lush forests to drylands.

Green is the first pattern to be released and is the most universal camo option of the brand. Users can expect great coverage in green to brown environments, including various forest environments and lush green spaces.

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The brown camo option was developed and tailored towards the North American and European Fall and Winter seasons. Therefore, this option is great for cold and harsh wintery forest landscapes, as well as drylands that include more of a red tone to their atmosphere. The capability of this camo colour and pattern is to blur out the user, even in short grass or dryer environments, so that they can remain unseen and hidden from their opponent.


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And lastly, Concamo has released the colour option of beige. Building off of what the brand learned when developing the brown pattern, beige is also a great solution for those in drylands, but in environments that have more of a sandy or beige undertone. Users can wear this in urban and alpine environments and expect the same outcome of remaining hidden and unseen.

In addition to ensuring that users receive the best solution when it comes to camouflaging, the brand also took it one step further to ensure their patterns were made out of uncompromising quality, that would keep users warm, dry, and comfortable. Produced in Germany, all specifications and features are based on the specs of German Bundeswehr, meaning that there are absolutely no compromises when it comes to the fabric and overall performance. Therefore, users can expect to remain hidden, comfy, and protected when wearing Concamo.

What’s The Brand Up to Now?

Now, almost over 30 years after the initial idea was developed for Concamo, the brand is still growing and thriving. The founder continues to work on new and improved patterns for the line, as well as works with professionals to create custom work clothes and options.

While custom work is not open to just about anyone, government workers, large orders, and specialized teams can always reach out to work with the brand to have something custom designed, allowing the founder to design an option that meets specific needs. And so, while many teams and forces across the world are using Concamo, there is a large possibility that all teams are not wearing the same item, given this custom creation option.


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All in all, Concamo has totally become the new way of camouflage! As more and more users and specialized teams uncover the “magic” of this brand’s scientific approach to blending in with their environment, it will be hard for anyone to rely on anything else. Especially once they realize and experience the difference that this item makes, compared to other brands of camo.

If you’re interested in learning more information on the brand, feel free to visit their website where you can see more about their pattern, ideology, and IT WORKS foundations, as well as reach out to place a regular or even customized order. And don’t be fooled! Even if you’re not part of a special ops team, this camo gear will work wonders during hunting season as well.

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