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Combat Backpack Federal Armed Forces a versatile Companion

Combat Backpack Federal Armed Forces a versatile Companion

In many areas, the Federal Armed Forces backpack, short name BW backpack, is also used by the consumer.

The practical backpack, which is part of the military equipment, has been used by the soldiers for decades. In the First World War, the knapsack was used in the military. In the course of the 19th century, the soldiers were equipped with Knapsacks after the Prussian model. At the end of the year 1810, the chest strap was first attached to the Knapsack. The carrying of the heavy load was thereby considerably facilitated. Besides, a blanket was rolled up and fastened to the backpack. Only at the end of the 19th century, the chest belt disappeared.



At this time, modern variants were used, including appropriate harnesses and ammunition pouches. The traditional Knapsack was made in the First World War from green cotton fabric because there were hardly any leather resources. The cookware was attached to the Knapsack. The now in use backpack is modern and practical in use. The backpack is so versatile that it is also used for the private purpose of many civilians:

  • Shoulder straps are padded,
  • spacious interior compartments,
  • Outer pockets with lid,
  • the bottom compartment can be closed with a zipper,
  • The waist belt is available
  • Fastening straps ensure a secure hold on the lid, bottom, and on the back.
  • Quick-release fasteners are mostly made of plastic,
  • water-repellent material is used.

The buyer does not have to search long for a suitable model, because these products guarantee quality and durability. The features ensure the suitability of all outdoor activities, whether in terms of comfort or practical, user-friendly use.

German-BW-Backpack-25l-Olive on Amazon

Why this special Backpack?

The backpack has the task to take everything necessary for missions of several days. Backpacks are available in different sizes so that the customer can decide when buying which backpack is best for him. Many people prefer backpacks instead of duffels when traveling. The product is indestructible, an essential feature in the army. The carrying is more comfortable with the backpack; the duffel is "unwieldy." The backpack, whether it is now used for hiking or camping, is robust and resistant to the weather. These characteristics are especially pronounced in a military backpack. The typical shades of olive green, Flecktarn, and black make many consumers feel extremely practical. Long marches of the soldiers can only be accomplished utilizing special backpacks, which have an absolute wearing comfort. Heat, rain, and moisture should be considered, as a backpack that is not waterproof cannot be used. Snow and extreme cold also must be withstood by the backpack. Flexibility is one of the many features that make this backpack the backpack. This variant is large, easy to maintain, and manages loads of all kinds. The Kampfrucksack BW Import Flecktarn is exactly a replica of the BW backpack in the best quality.

They usually have a typical large main compartment with variable bottom opening an additional two side pockets. Some internet shops present backpacks, which are original goods from the Federal Armed Forces stocks. For the real fan, these products are of course from higher quality than similar products. The durable use backpack has the first-class quality and is an eye-catcher. Some buyers are entirely enthusiastic and call this product a super backpack. In terms of capacity and robustness, the BW backpacks are simply unbeatable.

German-BW-Backpack-Flecktarn on Amazon

Different Versions

It is indeed a backpack that is used in the army but by no means uniform. The volume of 65 to 90 liters is the same for almost all products offered. The many tabs and side pockets are typical for use in the military. The optimal backpack for many occasions is used in the following areas:

  • The backpack, which is useful in everyday life, points to the armed forces through its appearance. It is a bit smaller and is often used as a school backpack.

  • For hunting purposes, there is a variant with a volume of 25 liters. The padded shoulder straps and practical inner compartments are ideal for this purpose. The model was even led as a comparison winner for this kind of smaller BW backpacks. Specially developed similar products have the typical features of the BW backpack and an integrated rifle compartment for weapons with rifle scope, which can be stowed when not in use. A seat cushion is another comfort and serves as padding for the riflescope. The bestseller is the "BW mountain backpack Jägerrucksack in many colors" presented under the name. It is noteworthy that the hunting bag has the most similarity to the BW backpack.

  • The trekking backpack is tight on the back and has a compartment for the obligatory sleeping bag. Due to the camouflage color of this backpack, it is only hard visible on the ground. The support frame perfects this version as a trekking backpack, and it can be transported more weight.

The mountain backpack is also in this category. The lightweight backpack for extremely heavy tours. A similarity with the hunter backpack is noticeable.

The advantages of these rucksacks are the stability and robustness, as they were initially developed for the Federal Armed Forces. The design is simple and not conspicuous. The functions are versatile and suitable for many applications. The models are praised as durable and usable everywhere. The location and duration decide on the weight of the soldier's backpack.

German Army Backpack 65l Flecktarn German Army Backpack 65l Black
German Army Backpack 65l Woodland German Army Backpack 65l Tropentarn

The rucksacks used by the army are models up to 110 liters in volume. The ergonomics and build quality are of course first class. Worth mentioning is the fastening straps for the transport of equipment. The central compartment with quick access allows quick removal from the outside. From the toothbrush to the mini-cooker, the backpack must be able to transport everything for the troop. The backpack is of course used at the federal government but was initially intended for SAR (Search and Rescue) units. The backpack is continuously monitored, and missing parts are replaced.

German Army backpacks on Amazon

Interesting details about this Variant

The military missions alone in the 21st century provided new requirements for the production of backpacks. The high-tech carrying straps are one of the many highlights of these backpacks. The back is not strained so that the soldier can use his powers elsewhere. Extra pockets can be attached; the increased volume does not affect the functionalities of the backpack. Sturdy, padded lap belts complete the ideal image of the backpack. Many manufacturers took the Einsatzrucksack-BW as a role model. The main compartments of the backpack are in every BW backpack, namely lid, central and bottom compartment. Two side pockets are also standard equipment. The bottom compartment is significant in relation to the backpack. The small items can be stowed away in the many smaller compartments. The workmanship must be perfect, and the seams or zippers must be very stable. Criteria that should be considered when buying:

  • Type of processing,
  • Comfort also has to exist to some extent in this sector,
  • the adjustable carrying system,
  • the storage space should already be expandable,
  • Ventilation is important.

Berghaus Atlas IV Backpack Cedar Front

Berghaus Munro 30l Backpack Cedar Front

Hikers or trekking adventurers use this product, so sweat and moisture arise quickly, so the ventilation system for the back is essential.


The combat backpack must work correctly and shall be extremely durable. The storage space must be enough in a small area. The many pockets, zippers, and buckles are ideal for the armed forces, but at the same time ensure the fancy outdoor look. The weight of the backpack is conveniently meager. The use of dirt and water repellent outer material goes without saying. The processed material also provides the necessary air circulation, so moisture and sweat when using the backpack does not occur. The typical backpack, like everything else in the military, is practical, stable, and functional and was designed especially for the soldiers. Meanwhile, private individuals have found interest in this product, because the excellent features are ideal for hikers or campers. The Principle when packing the backpack is: excess does not have to.

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