CHK-SHIELD MK1 30 Liter Medium Backpack (1000 oz)

The goal was to create a versatile, stable and affordable backpack. Generally available in different colors, it offers numerous civil and business applications in its black variant. Whether as a business backpack, tactical backpack in the Federal Armed Forces or police or simply just for hiking.

CHK-SHIELD MK1 30 Liter Medium Backpack Front

The classic design with different compartments for numerous usage scenarios

CHK-SHIELD MK1 30 Liter Medium Backpack Backside

The backside is well padded and equipped with a versatile ventilation system. The wide shoulder straps keep the backpack comfortable even when fully loaded. A chest- and belly-belt provide additional stability.

The backpack has a small inside pocket on the top. In this, a rain-cover is accommodated. The rain cover is waterproof and can be pulled quickly over the entire backpack.

The interior is well padded, so you can transport a laptop or tablet better protected. The mesh pockets inside and the many individual compartments leave little to be desired and help to organize your own equipment.

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