Blackhawk Mid-Ride Duty Belt Loop Black

This belt loop from BLACKHAWK allows you the attachment of the injection-molded plastic CQC-, Level 2- & Level 3-holster on belts. The Blackhawk holster can be mounted in different angles if wished.

Blackhawk Mid-Ride Duty Belt Loop Black

Blackhawk Mid-Ride Duty Belt Loop with screws


This Mid-Ride Duty Belt Loop by BLACKHAWK is used to attach all Blackhawk injection molded plastic Holsters like the Serpa Level-2/3- and CQC-Holster.


  • compatible with all injection molded (hard plastic holsters) from BLACKHAWK
  • The holster is mounted higher on the duty belt than with the jacket-slot-duty-belt-loop but lowers than with the high ride loop that is included in the CQC-Holster package
  • suitable for belts up to a width of 2 inches (5 cm)
  • different angles of fixation the holster are possible by adjustment on the back

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  • SKU: 5011-10-schw | EAN: 648018134852 | MPN: 44H902BK | ASIN: B003R2QRJG | Belt Loop on Amazon

Blackhawk Mid-Ride Duty Belt Loop Black


The screws that are included are for some reason to short to use them in combination with the CQC-Holster, you Need longer slim screws that are included in the Quick-Disconnect System and the S.T.R.I.K.E.-platform package.


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