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Alpinebear Stab Protective Vest SMRT

Alpinebear Stab Protective Vest SMRT

Thanks to high-quality materials, the Alpinebear SMRT stab-protection vest offers an excellent combination of weight and flexibility as safety clothing.

Alpinebear Stab Protective Vest SMRT Black


The SMRT stab-protective vest was designed to provide the wearer with maximum protection. Alpinebear uses only state-of-the-art materials. These provide protection against punctures and are at the same time reasonably light in weight and bear relatively little. For the first time in the company's history, Alpinebear has been able to integrate properties that enhance the wearing comfort. The technique is called SMRT bendable & flexible. Other vests without this technique will feel very stiff and uncomfortable in many situations and thus significantly reduce the freedom of movement. Alpinebear has been able to reduce significantly this with the introduction of this SMRT bendable & flexible technology. With this technique, the vest adapts better to the body during normal wear. If fast movements are required in certain situations, this solid vest has the necessary properties to adjust and bend ideally even in these situations. However, also in everyday activities such as toeing the laces or if you want to pick up something from the ground, the wearer benefits from the new flexibility and flexibleness of the stab protection vest.

Alpinebear Stab Protective Vest SMRT Black Front

Alpinebear Stab Protective Vest SMRT Black Front

Alpinebear Stab Protective Vest SMRT Black Front Open

Alpinebear Stab Protective Vest SMRT Black Side

Alpinebear Stab Protective Vest SMRT Black Top


  • hook and loop strips for a name tag
  • Soft collar
  • The stab-resistant parts overlap
  • Zipper specially secured
  • The zipper can also be closed with gloves
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Pockets on the outside
  • Hook and loop strips for attaching shoulder pads
  • Shoulder pads and side protectors are included in the scope of delivery


  • SKU: 1139-01-schw | EAN: ? | MPN: ASB-7678 | ASIN: ?


Unfortunately, the vest is not yet certified, neither the manufacturer nor we assume liability, e.g. the product liability laws. The use of the product is at your own risk.


Due to the use of very high-quality materials, such as polyester 600D, the vest has a very long lifespan. Polyester is a fabric which, despite its low weight, is very resistant and can be cleaned very easily.

The high-quality materials used will continue with the zipper. That is where quality made in Germany is used. With original YKK zippers, Alpinebear has brought a German quality manufacturer for zippers on board.

The design of this vest was designed not only for high-quality materials but also for every detail. For example, there is a soft flow inside the upper left pocket. Furthermore, there are numerous places equipped with velcro to make the vest even more puncture-proof. At the shoulders and side, the carrier can easily attach additional protectors at any time. That gives you maximum flexibility when using the vest. Also, 1.5 mm thick polyethylene and overlapping 1 mm thick steel plates provide maximum protection against punctures.


Alpinebear is a manufacturer that often sets new standards especially in the area of security apparel. The Alpinebear SMRT-protection Vest is no exception. In this vest, Alpinebear introduced the SMRT bendable & Flexible technology in the security apparel, allowing the wearer to move much more freely and easily. With this technique, the vest adapts considerably better to the needs of the wearer in everyday situations, but also under more difficult conditions. The vest is also equipped with high-quality zippers made in Germany. Through the use of modern materials such as polyester 600D, polyethylene and solid stainless steel, the stitch-resistant vest, like no other, offers security clothing, protection, and flexibility at the same time.

Where to get? From us, but we have to order this product in packs with 50 pieces minimum. So if this meets your quantity needs, feel free to contact us.


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