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A-TACS Camouflage; The Science of Concealment

A-TACS Camouflage; The Science of Concealment

When it comes to camouflage it doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid hunter or out in combat, you want to ensure you’re wearing the best of the best for optimal concealment. As we’ve discovered throughout our last few blogs and research, the ideal camo patterns include some sort of scientific patterns and optical illusion. A-TACS Camouflage has just that!

Hunter wearing camo while adjusting his bow and arrow in a field

A-TACs camouflage is a completely new form of camouflage gear that is patent pending. While new to the scene, this camo company understand the importance of proper concealment and uses scientific and mathematical formulas to achieve it.

The A-TACS Mathematical Formula

A great deal of other camouflage brands utilizes various patterns and shapes, creating an optical illusion that allows the wearer to remain hidden when in use. A-TACS camouflage works a little differently, utilizing a different approach to ensuring their customer’s stay unseen.

The A-TACS team started with various colours that were found based on outdoor photography. They went around and created a collection of photographs that were taken of the outdoors in extremely controlled and careful lighting. The whole purpose of this activation was to have a catalogue or collection of the various colours that are naturally present in the outdoors.

Beautiful forest with the sun shining through the trees

Once this collection was developed the real fun began. As mentioned before, A-TACS takes a mathematical and scientific approach to their brand. So, once they had their colours ready, they began to develop this algorithm that took the colours and created “organically shaped” pixels that were derived from the unique colour information.

The result was something natural and organic. Rather than following other brands that create these angled pixels, A-TACS was able to utilize the colour information and create more organic pixels that looked way more realistic and blended into the environment.

Atacs camo how it works

Photo Credits to: browning.com

What’s even more interesting is that these organic outlines created an effect in which the outline of the human wearing the camo in nature was completely disintegrated, making it seem as if no one was there for those who stood all the way up to a few feet away.

No Such Thing as One Pattern

Like some of the other camouflage brands we’ve researched A-TACS does not have this one pattern fits every single environment. Because, as we all know, not all the environments have the same colours, tones, and patterns available. For example, the arctic tundra looks way different than the desert and the desert looks way different then a murky forest.

Understanding this, A-TACS made sure to use this point and knowledge when developing their camo patterns, with the first few patterns being used to fit into climatic zones that used either arid or timber climates.

Atacs camo how it works pattern breakdown

Photo Credits to: browning.com

In terms of the colour schemes, this meant that the first few patterns made available fit either the brown colour scheme with small pats or colours of green as well as predominantly green uniforms.  While the colouring may be slightly the same for the two options, the patterns and tones are completely different, helping the user fully blend into their appropriate background.

A Unique Approach to the Pattern

What also makes this brand different when it comes to their design and patterns of their camo is the use of the shapes on the gear. While they may start off with a digital pattern at first, the end result is something far from digital and strict as no harsh or linear shapes such as squares, rectangles, and hexagons are used within their designs.

This is important to note, and something that an avid camo wearer would appreciate. The reason? Linear, non-natural shapes give the camo wearer away. While some brands know this and live by it, others don’t and what is created is a piece of equipment that gives the wearer away due to what is known as a “blobbing affect.”

To prevent this entirely, A-TACS and their team has strayed away from linear shapes and instead focused on three main areas of design:


The first thing that A-TACS and their design team did was prevent any pattern from being created with unnatural, linear shapes. And so, their brand and rather their design mission focuses on using natural colours (which again, keep in mind, were pulled from actual photographs of the environments they design for) and only organic shaped shapes and pixels. This gives the result of an organic camo design that fits into the environment it has been created for.

Person camouflaged among the forest terrain


Big patterns and shapes don’t fly here! Instead, the design team has focused on using “micro patterns” that in the end help to create a more “macro” look and feel. This helps to keep the user concealed especially at a long and short distance.

What the team has deemed a “pattern within a pattern” has led to a design that not only prevents that “blobbing effect” that so many hunters are aware of, but also removes the outline of the human when they are in hiding.


The last element that the design team focuses on is relying on a number of natural colours and mixing and blending them together to create a natural look and feel, helping to keep the wearer hidden and concealed.

A-TACS; One of the fastest growing camo companies

With the amount of work that has gone into developing each pattern, it’s no surprise that A-TACS has risen as quickly as it has, becoming one of the most sought-after brands for camo equipment. Here’s what some of the brand’s investors had to say about their quick rise to success:

“A-TACS Camo patterns are designed for maximum effectiveness in the wildest possible range of operational environments worldwide. We simply don’t subscribe to the “one pattern fits all” approach. We developed our patterns to perform in climatic zones-containing either arid climates or green temperate climates."

Breaking Down the Two Camo Options

So, while A-TACS has accomplished a great deal and has become a go-to choice for camo, it still is a relatively new company. Due to this, the brand currently only has 2 camo options available. And as we’ve mentioned before these two options are for the Avid and Forest environments. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Arid or Urban Camo Patterns: A-TACS AU CAMO

A Tacs camo pattern for arid or urban environments

This camouflage pattern was designed by taking in colours of the earth, desert, and sand, and mixing it with small shades and patches of green. This has made the camo colour and pattern perfect for temperate environment and uses.

Again, like all of their pattern options, they included small “micro” shapes, making them look like “macro” shapes so that the wearer could remain unseen from far away and from close up.

Foliage or Green Camo Patterns: A-TACS FG CAMO

A Tacs camo pattern for green environments

The FG camo is focused on those who need to be concealed in the forest or murky, wooded areas and environments. The ideal terrain is also transitional as there are various shades of not only green, but also the earth, included in this design. Like the AU camo, this design also works well in temperate environments and includes micro shapes to help conceal and break away the shadow of the human when hiding.

A-TACS: Advanced Tactical Concealment System

As we all know, it doesn’t matter whether you’re hunting or on the battlefield, when wearing camo, you want to rest assured knowing that you can remain concealed and not have the shadow of your body give you away.

Though A-TACS is quite new to the scene, their advanced technology, patterns, and scientific and mathematical thinking has led them to create equipment that is extraordinary. Only two colours and options are currently available, however we cannot wait to see where this company goes and the designs, elements and equipment they bring us in the near future.

Military man in head to toe camo gear

In the meantime, if you’re shopping for camo gear or know someone who needs some better equipment to remain concealed, be sure to check out our vast array of camo gear available.

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