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Updated: Jan 19

Walther the well known German producer for Weapons, Weapon-Accessories, Weapon-Care-Products, Flashlights and tactical Gear for Hunting, Shooting and Police and Military Duty.

For the past 130 years, Walther manufactures weapons and weapons accessories with German precision and extreme meticulousness. Born in 1858, Carl Wilhelm's Freund Walther started his career as the founder and later leader of the arms industry. Starting with hunting and sporting rifles, he produced the first weapons together with his apprentice. Carl Walther and his wife had five sons, three of whom in the family-owned factory learned rifle crafting and the other two started a commercial apprenticeship to support the family business in this respect as well. 1911 the first patent for a self-loading compact pistol was registered. The original impetus for this idea came from one of the sons, Fritz Walther, who developed a particular passion for the self-loading pistols. From the 1911 developed pistol Model 1 to Carl Walther Sport-Waffen and flashlights to the standard police weapon Walther PPK, the company has evolved even further. The supply of the Bundeswehr and the police also distinguishes the delivered quality. Each of the weapons developed at that time was considered to be another milestone in the German arms industry, and this line is to continue.

Available in the House Walther are of course not exclusively firearms and weapons accessories. Carl Walther Sport Waffen, defense weapons, flashlights, and equipment are among the most popular products. The Walther product range also extends to other equipment, such as knives, defensive weapons, and associated accessories. There is pretty much everything that is needed to make the handling of firearms, no matter what kind, more comfortable and more user-friendly, and safer. Special holsters, belts, and protective mechanisms are only a few of the possible options provided by Walther.

The Walther products we covered in our blog:


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