Blackhawk SERPA Level3 Holster

Updated: Jan 19

The Blackhawk Serpa Level 3 Tactical Holster is an excellent quick-action holster for most handguns used by the police, military, sport shooters and even hunters. In the following, we take a look at the version with the leg platform, the Serpa Duty holster version, and the single shell. The holster is spread out worldwide and available for almost all pistols. #Ad

Blackhawk SERPA Level3 Gun Holster


The Serpa Level 3 Tactical Holster by BLACKHAWK is one of the best quick-action duty holsters. It can be mounted on the Blackhawk CQC-leg-platform and the various paddles and belt-loops, like the Jacket-Slot-Duty-Belt Loop, the paddle or the S.T.R.I.K.E.-Platform. The holster is made of injection-molded plastic and is therefore highly durable, virtually indestructible and relatively easy to clean. The weapon is secured with two security catches for thumb and index finger against involuntary removal, as it is particularly crucial for the police. Furthermore, the cock is covered with a flap. The Blackhawk Level 2 holster, however, lacks this flap.

The CQC-Leg-Platform has two anti-slip straps at the top end of the bracket, preventing unwanted dis-adjustment of the straps on the belt.


  • Holster for many different handgun types, take a look into the fit chart below

  • SERPA Auto Lock release

  • Lockable pivot guard

  • Easily separating closing clips

  • Compatible with a variety of Blackhawk accessories

  • Combinable with the SERPA Quick Disconnect System

  • two safety catches for thumb and index finger

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In addition to comfortably carrying the holster on the thigh, it is possible in conjunction with the Blackhawk Quick Release system to swap the shell rapidly on a S.T.R.I.K.E.-Platform on the chest that can be useful when switching from the dismounted to the mounted combat.

Blackhawk Serpa Duty Holster


The Duty version comes with the Jacket-Slot-Duty-Belt-Loop and can be worn on the belt without any additional equipment. The belt loop is designed so that the weapon has enough space between the body to be pulled quickly and without clinging to the clothing or the plate carrier.

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Serpa Level 3 Holster Shell

The holster shells are also available individually and can be applied to the various mounting platforms, e.g., the CQC-Leg- or S.T.R.I.K.E.-Platforms or the different belt loops with screws.


  • SKU: 5011-06-P8-coy-L | EAN: 648018120091 | MPN: M990108CTL | ASIN: B012FXDWDQ

  • SKU: 5011-06-P8-coy-R | EAN: 648018120206 | MPN: M990105CTR | ASIN: B012FXE1JU | HK USP Full Size / P8 Coyote Right

  • SKU: 5011-06-P8-oli-R-LLM | EAN: 648018150982 | MPN: M990149ODR | ASIN: B01MZ92OQ9

  • SKU: 5011-06-P8-oliv-L | EAN: 648018120077 | MPN: M990108ODL | ASIN: ?

  • SKU: 5011-06-P8-oliv-R | EAN: 648018120060 | MPN: M990108ODR | ASIN: B012FXDEDO

  • SKU: 5011-06-P8-schw-L | EAN: 604544619775 | MPN: M990108BKL | ASIN: ?

  • SKU: 5011-06-P8-schw-R | EAN: 604544619782 | MPN: M990108BKR | ASIN: ?

Variants with enough space for LLM and mounted lamps (for target lighting) are also available for most handguns. These are available under the name "Light Bearing."


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