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Zebra Armour a South Africa-based manufacturer for Combat Helmets Viper-, Special Forces-, Gunfighter Helmet, ACH- and MICH-Helmet also Plates and Vests NIJ3A - NIJ4 for Police and Military. They are ISO-certified and met international guidelines for body armor.
Zebra Armor was founded in 2001 in South Africa. Since then, they have been producing first-class products to protect soldiers and police officers. Its primary focus is on the manufacture and sale of helmets. The company's products are exported all over the world, with sales of over 350,000 helmets and other protective equipment. Their aim is the manufacture of helmets with low weight, but high performance, from low prices, but the highest quality. They meet their high standards through their production halls, which, in cooperation with their research facilities, regularly check their products for quality. The popular helmets include the series Gunfighter, Crewman, ACH, Viper, and Special Forces better known under the type-branding MICH 2000,2001,2002 and FAST.
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