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Team Wendy is a manufacturer for Helmet-Liner, -Chinstraps, -Pads and -Harnesses, also for Protective Helmets LTP, Helmet-Accessories for Police and Military.
Team Wendy has a sad story that touches the heart and led to the creation of something big. On a ski holiday, the daughter of the later company founder Dan T. Moore suffered a severe head injury, which later led to her death. In 1997 the company was founded in memory of the daughter Wendy. To save the self-experienced suffering from other families, Team Wendy has specialized in the production of helmets. Originally these were only ski helmets but later were extended to include military, police, and rescue workers. Simple soldiers use the products that are located in the military sector up to the elite teams around the world, and they enjoy their trust. These include, in particular, the EXFIL helmet series, the helmet insert PADs, and the chin straps, a story that touches.
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