EmersonGear EM5750 Sniper Waist Pack

Type: Belt


Meet the Sniper Waist Pack that allows you to conveniently carry everything you need with you, so you’re not fumbling with your gear as you go. But it’s more than convenient – for battlefields and longer hikes into a hunting area, it’s 100% necessary. When it comes to convenience, flexibility, and features, the Sniper Waist pack is probably one of the best. This sniper waist pack was designed to be attached directly to a belt and developed with direct input from Scout Sniper instructors. The design provides a product that won't be lost or discarded during an immediate operation. These high-speed Gear Dump Pouches hold enough ammo/food/medical supplies to make it home. Built with 500d Cordura Nylon. The bag secures around your waist via its strong buckle.

Note: No Belt included!


  • Brand Name: Emersongear.
  • Model Number: EM5750
  • Pouch Type: Sniper Waist.
  • Material: 500D CorduraNylon.
  • Size: 40.4 x 5.11 inches (62 x 13 cm)

Why you have it:

  • Water Repellent and Abrasion Resistance.
  • Accommodates most Duty and Rigger Style Belts (Sold separately).
  • Internal Pocket from End to End for Rope, Sniper Mat, Etc..
  • 2x Medium-Sized Magazine Pouches.
  • One Medium-Sized Universal Accessory Pouch.
  • Perfect for Mags, Med Kit, Food, and Misc Supplies.