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Snugpak is a manufacturer for outdoor and Trekking-Jackets, Windtops, Sleeping-Bags, and Functional Underwear. Winter-Jackets Sasquatch, Ebony, SJ3, SJ6, SJ9, and Winter-Gloves.
Snugpak, a company for which quality is more than just a word. The company is based in Yorkshire Dales in England and produces sleeping bags and insulated clothing from there. Their products include not only the outdoor category but also the military equipment category. The company's history began in the 70s when Brett Harris founded Snugpak. He was on an oil drilling rig for repair work and saw his US colleagues wear body-warming clothes. Harris knew that there would also be a market in England for them, and when he was home again, he began developing patterns and learning sewing. He expanded his business from sales to local markets and grew with the times. Demand rose and thus also the product requirements. Soon he had a more substantial production building, employees, and equipment, which were specially designed for him. In the end, Snugpak became the company as we know it today.
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