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Lowa is an outstanding German manufacturer for Boots, Shoes, Low Cut Shoes, Mountain Boots, like the Task-Force Boots, Zephyr- and Renegade-Series for Police and Military, also Socks for Trekking and all Terrain Classic produced are.
Lowa - a brand full of tradition. The company was founded in 1923 in Bavaria by Lorenz Wagner, who is also the name giver of the company. His two initial letters of the first and last name form the origin of the brand name Lowa. Since its founding, the company has built on quality and innovations in shoe manufacturing. One of their greatest achievements is the development of Vulkan soles. These offered the breakthrough novelty of 100% moisture protection, cold insulation, and dimensional stability. Thanks to this high quality made in Germany, the mixture of innovation and tradition, the company has succeeded in establishing a dominating position in shoe sales in the German-speaking countries and the Benelux countries. The philosophy of the company shows precisely the direction of Lowa because quality, comfort, and functionality is to make Lowa No. 1 in the markets.
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