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Highlander Scotland Ltd. produces a wide range of Outdoor-Equipment since 1985. For Military purposes as also for Hiking, Trekking, and Bushcraft. They have an extensive outdoor focused assortment.
Highlander is a brand that supplies adventure and military equipment. It is a Scottish family company based in Livingston, Scotland. Founder Bahram Golzari, himself a passionate mountaineer at that time, founded his company in Edinburgh in 1985 when his favorite supply shop for adventure equipment and tactical gear went into liquidation. Very soon the company started to manufacture its outdoor products which had the quality of military surplus gear, but without the expensive price tags. The company founder had identified a gap in the market because at that time military gear was very expensive. The company's success continued, and Highlander became an established brand for adventure equipment and military gear. Over the years, Highlander has grown steadily and has expanded across the Scottish borders. Today the company offers over 2,000 different products. The adventure line includes for example tents and sleeping bags, rucksacks, weatherproof clothing and shoes, camping gear, and hiking accessories. The product range for tactical equipment contains for example tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, clothing, and army boots.
Furthermore, Highlander offers various products for survival training, hydration, or cooking outdoors. The family-owned company is passionate about its products and outdoor adventure. To support the customer, Highlander offers advice and tips regarding its products but also planning an outdoor tour. Which sleeping bags are suitable for which endeavors or how do you avoid blisters on your feet while hiking? Reviews help customers decide which products to purchase. Moreover, checklists help packing the backpack for the next trip.
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