Princeton Tec Headlamp Quad Tactical MPLS

Type: Flashlights
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The new lamp QUAD TACTICAL MPLS is the lightest Princeton Tec headlamp with chip-controlled regulation. The far-reaching beam of the Quad is perfect for all jobs in and around the tent, hiking, jogging, skating, skiing and much more. The three color filters are easy to change - red: to preserve the night vision capability, blue: for hunting searches (as visible a trail of blood) and green: For your own safety in the dark.


  • LED 4 Ultrabright LEDs - 45 lumens
  • Batteries 3 AAA batteries (alkaline) included
  • Four modes
Operating time:
Full power
ca 105 hours, of which approximately one hour constant brightness - shines about 35 m
Average power
about 99 hours, of which approximately 10 hours constant brightness - shines about 23 m
Minimum power
97 hours, of which approximately 31 hours constant brightness - shines about 15 m
Flashing mode
110 hours, of which about 5 hours constant brightness - shines about 35 m
  • Performance can be significantly increased by using lithium batteries
  • Robust housing
  • Contents: NVG adapter plate for helmets, holder for MOLLE or headband, and storage for color filters
  • Waterproof to 1m depth
  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Weight 96 g - including batteries