Nextorch FR-1 Tactical Flashlight Ring

Type: Flashlights
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The Nextorch FR-1 tactical flashlight ring is made of plastic and is designed for mounting on the flashlight Nextorch TA30. It is available in black, tan, and grey. It can be easily mounted by unscrewing the end cap of the TA 30, putting the Tactical guide aid on, and screwing the end cap back on. Neither the tactical switch nor the rotary switch is affected by this in their function.


The FR1 falls particular in the field of tactical equipment by police and authorities. It can be attached in multiple ways to the uniform, the Insert belt, the tactical vest, or any Molle system. As a result, the lamp no longer needs to be upholstered and is at hand at all times. Due to the FR1, the lamp can be pulled and guided with only one finger. If the lamp is run parallel to the firearm, a tactical magazine change is possible at any time without having to holster the gun or flashlight, as it only blocks one finger.
Furthermore, the lamp can be used in a kind of pistol grip. By lightly pressing the index finger, the lamp is pressed against the thumb mouse that the tactical switch is activated. A quick change of the carrying method is also possible.
Also, in the private use of the flashlight, the guide aid is an immense advantage. For example, the lamp can be easily attached to a belt, backpack, or trouser pocket. This attachment allows the flashlight to be aligned so that it illuminates the area to be illuminated and the user has both hands free. This can be of great benefit, especially for repair work.


  • Guide Aid for the Nextorch TA30 torch
  • Fits only to the TA30 flashlight, this is not included in the scope of delivery
  • Optimized for low light application
  • For a fast drawing of the TA30 Flashlight
  • simplifies the safe handling of the T30 even under great stress
  • Weight: 0.11 lbs (50g)