Zebra Armour ACH Combat Helmet U6 NIJ3A

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The modern ACH Helmet U6 from HCS offers the wearer maximum protection with high wearing comfort.
It is compatible with well-known night vision devices and headsets.


  • comfortable pad system
  • maximum protection area
  • high protection level IIIA (NIJ standard)
  • maximum comfort due to 7-pad system
  • easily adjustable net system
  • compatible with common night vision devices and headsets
  • Weight: 1.2 to 1.35Kg depending on size and protection level
  • especially suitable as a standard helmet
  • S-M: 51-59cm Head circumference
  • L-XL: 57-63cm Head circumference
Sizes for mesh-harness
  • S: 51-54cm head circumference (helmet size S-M)
  • M: 55-58cm head circumference (helmet size S-M)
  • L: 57-61cm Head circumference (helmet size L-XL)
  • XL: 60-64cm Head circumference (helmet size L-XL)


Ballistic Base Protection Level IIIA (NIJ)

protects against the usual hand weapons, such as .44 Magnum SWC-GC, .357 SIG FMJ FN, 7.62 x 25 Tokarev Lead, 9mm FMJ Rem, .357 GECO MP

Available with splinter protection level U6 and F6:
  • Minimum fragmentation level: V50 (m/s) = 600 (m/s); (U6)
  • Minimum fragmentation level: V50 (m/s) = 680 (m/s); (F6)