VEQSKING 80009 Thermal Fleece Winter Cap

Type: Hats


A VEQSKING 80009 Thermal Fleece Winter Cap is one of the most important items of winter hiking clothing because it significantly reduces body heat loss. Once US Army studies claimed that 40 to 45 % of body heat is lost from the head – and while more recent studies lower this to only 10%, it is still a significant percentage. Therefore, you should absolutely keep your head warm when hiking in cold weather with this winter fleece hat. The construction material is quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Furthermore, the material provides good insulation by trapping the body-warmed air. It is designed with 2 black puller buttons, which you can easily adjust to tighten or loosen and will fit both adults and children. You can tuck the neckpiece into your jackets, stop the snow from entering the neck and let the snow fall off the mask. 


  • Brand Name: VEQSKING
  • Model Number: 80009
  • Material: Fleece
  • Color: Red, blue, black, gray

Why You Have It:

  • Windproof ski mask made of fleece composite fabric.
  •  Soft and comfortable.
  • Windproof and breathable. 
  • It has excellent absorbency, durability, and abrasion resistance, stay warm and dry
  • It is designed with 2 black puller buttons to adjust it.
  • Provide outdoor and weather protection, fight against with sun, wind, sun's UV rays, dust and cold, full face and neck coverage design protect your skin, ear, neck warmer
  • Suitable for outdoor hiking, camping, skiing, snowboard cycling, camping, cunting, biking, running, fishing, motorcycle, and other sports
Package Contains:
  • VEQSKING 80009 Thermal Fleece Winter Cap  x 1