VEQSKING 23070 Ultralight Foldable Backpack

Type: Backpacks


Whether you’re heading into the city or the woods, you’ll want to carry some supplies with you. A water bottle, raincoat, and an extra cliff bar can make or break a day trip. A VEQSKING 23070 Ultralight Foldable Backpack will spruce up your next adventure by providing additional space for your essential belongings without being cumbersome. Travelers who want the lightest packable backpack possible won’t find anything on the market more affordable and lightweight than this offering. There are no bells and whistles attached to this product, but there are tons of unique pattern options that let travelers find the bag that best suits them. So, having everything you need within easy reach and nothing to hold you down will allow you to spend less time worrying about what’s on your back and more time soaking in new experiences.


  • Brand Name: VEQSKING
  • Model Number: 23070
  • Material: Waterproof nylon
  • Size:
  • Bag Color: Black, gray, dark blue, green, pink, orange

Why You Have It:

  • Features lightweight, breathable mesh shoulder straps for comfort.
  • It has a side pocket to hold your water bottle..
  • Includes a large capacity compartment to store your gear.
  • Water and tear-resistant material for improved durability.
  • Comes in an assortment of different color options.
Package Contains:
  • VEQSKING 23070 Ultralight Foldable Backpack  x 1