VEQSKING 22102 Tactical Adjustable Belt

Type: Belt


If you are a cop, a soldier, a hunter, a survivalist, or an outdoorsman, this is a belt whose usefulness and versatility you will like. This is one of the excellent tactical gun belts available on the market right now in terms of simplicity and adjustability. It has a versatile design. The design allows you to use it for simple things like carrying a flashlight or a gun. It also allows you to use it for emergencies. It is constructed out of durable nylon material. This is one of the best materials for tactical belts as it can handle anything you throw at it. It is the kind of material you will appreciate having your tactical belt made of when things get tough. This tensile strength is relatively high, and it means you can use this belt to carry anything that you can take on your body. Unlike other tactical belts, this belt has a relatively easy buckle to lock and release. This is an asset you will appreciate because sometimes you need to put on the belt quickly or remove it quickly.


    • Brand Name: VEQSKING
    • Model Number: 22102
    • Material: Oxford Nylon
    • Width: 4cm
    • Length: 70-120cm
    • Colors: Black, Army Green, Khaki

Why You Have It:

  • High-Performance load-bearing belt and reasonable tensile force, durable enough as a tactical duty belt.
  • The buckle uses a high-quality Hualian buckle, non-toxic material, combined, and is difficult to crack.
  • The D-type buckle can mount the mountaineering buckle, small flashlight, and other outdoor equipment, a very functional design.
  • An adjustable buckle is resistant to wear and can adjust the belt's length to the appropriate position according to the individual needs.
  • Apply equally to men and women.
Package Contains:
  • VEQSKING 22102 Tactical Adjustable Belt  x 1