OneTigris TG-ZKB01 FAST MH Multicam Helmet Cover



Multiple camouflage patterns, it's good for having you camouflaged when you fight in different environments. OneTigris FAST MH Camo Polyimide Helmet Cover is seeing a resurgence in the special operations community due to its ease of use in changing a helmet's appearance for various areas of operation. Not only does it offer the operator the ability to enhance his camouflage, but it protects the helmet as well. Is it complicated to set up? Definitely not! Just mount it to the helmet with a combination of hook-and-loop straps on the sides and back, then wrap the strap under the helmet brim and stick to your helmet pad patch, nice fit. And it still allows you to attach accessories to your accessory rail connectors. It also comes with plenty of places to put your desired attachments, let's get this cloth cover and DIY your own style helmet!


    • Brand Name: OneTigris
    • Model Number: TG-ZKB01
    • Material:   35% of polyester and 65% cotton fabric reinforcing mesh
    • Size: 40 x 28 cm
    • Net weight: 50 g

Why You Have It:

  • Reduces your visibility on the battlefield
  • Mounts to the helmet with a combination of patches on the sides and back
  • Designed for mounting with night vision
  • Military helmet cover
  • Attaches to the helmet with a hook or clasp
  • It has four velcro strips easy to pass under the edge of the helmet
  • Designed with a mesh on both sides
  • Can only be used with OneTigris FAST MH / PI helmets
Package Contains:
  • 1 x OneTigris Helmet Cover