OneTigris TG-DJD37 Double SMG Magazine Insert Sleeve

Type: Mag-Pouch


The Pistol Magazine Insert is a custom solution to a common problem. Instead of using pull tabs, Velcro/snap flaps, for a hard Kydex insert, we decided to be a little more innovative. OneTigris TG-DJD37 Double SMG Magazine Insert Sleeve makes it easy to remove or replace the magazine. This double version is used for MP5/MP7 SMG magazines, and its dual-slot can carry more ammunition fixed by hook and loop fastener. With the open-top design for swift and quiet access, the durable and high-tenacity polyamide band can keep magazines reaching the most stable state. Moreover,  It has hook panels on the back and the front, allowing it to be mounted in many ways, and will fit nearly any tactical vest or chest rig with a hook-and-loop system. All in all, it is giving you quick and easy access to your magazines while providing excellent retention.


  • Brand Name: OneTigris
  • Model Number: TG-DJD37
  • Material: Elastic material and hook fastener
  • Dimensions:14×10cm/5.5 × 3.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.59 oz/45g

Why You Have It:

  • Grade A Elastic Band
  • Grade A, premium quality elastic-banded ammo holder
  • Hook-and-loop attachment for swift and secure application to kangaroo pouches of tactical vests or chest rig
  • Elastic design to accommodate most of SMG mags(MP5/MP7)
  • Elastic retention for a secure grip with a tool slot measuring approximately 5.5” by 3.9”
  • Lightweight solution for Airsoft, Wargamer, shooter, etc.
Package Contains:
  • OneTigris TG-DJD37 Double SMG Magazine Insert Sleeve  x 1