OneTigris TG-137 Tactical buttstock Shell Pouch

Type: Mag-Pouch


If you are looking to build a survival firearm (whether it be a rifle or shotgun). You should give it a shot. The OneTigris Tactical Shell Holder Bag is a very nice and fully adjustable accessory that comes with two shell holders: one is for shotgun rounds and another is for rifle rounds. You will like this good tight fit of the shell holder if you get it. In addition, there is a zippered compartment, it will prevent any rounds from falling off while you handle the gun, what a functional accessory. It also features a back strap and 3 top straps to keep secure to the rifle. The shell holder is constructed out of durable 1000d nylon for a better user experience. It is a must-have accessory for survivalists and it is flexible for variable size shells.


  • Brand Name: OneTigris
  • Model Number: TG-137
  • Material:1000d nylon
  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 4.3 inches / 21 x 11cm
  • Weight: 0.44 pounds / 0.2kg

Why You Have It:

  • 1 x Eyelet Shell Holder / Footrest / Storage Bag
  • Comes with a shotgun (5 rounds) and a Rifle (7 rounds) Interchangeable shell /cartridge holder.
  • Easy access to cartridges when off the field
  • Rear strap and 3 top straps to keep rifle secure
  • Removable / Flexible Shotgun Cartridge Holders for Variable Size Housings.
Package Contains:
  • 1x OneTigris Shell Holder Bag