OneTigris Tactical Padded Dog Collar with Patch Panel

Type: Dogs


The OneTigris Dog Collar 07 is an alternate version of our popular 02 Tactical Collar with the same tactical style and extra-large patch space. This OneTigris flat collar with soft cushion padding is designed with large dogs in mind and for your dog's wear comfortable and preventing skin irritation. This collar is 2.3 inches wide with mesh padding for optimized comfort and breathability, and a 4 inches wide front panel with a name tag or leash attachment point.  The reflective strips never let your furry friend get lost in the night. With this dog collar, it's convenient for you to add your dog leash and walk your dog easily to prevent your dog from chasing people, or bikes around the neighborhood. It can also keep your puppy safe if they get lost since it's proof that they have an owner and the attached tags you place may help them find their way home.


  • Brand Name: OneTigris
  • Material:  Nylon Straps, Stainless Steel D-Ring
  • Neck Width: 2.3 inch / 6cm
  • Adjustable circumference XL size: 19 -24 inches / 48-61cm
  • Puller Force: Tested to 264lb / 120kg
  • D-Ring Pull Force: Tested at 330lb / 150kg.
  • Weight: 5.7 oz / 164g

Why You Have It:

  • Heavy-duty nylon construction for tough durability and dirt/water/scratch resistance.
  • 2.3 "wide with 19" -24 "adjustment, suitable for large to extra-large dogs
  • 5 "by 1.7" patch space on the front with large front panel for name tag and small patches
  • Double strap attachment point on the front and back of the collar
  • Handy grip handle with reinforced seams for when you need to control your dog
  • Stainless steel or superior quality fittings and ensure long-term use of the gear.
  • 2 reflective light strips for night walks
  • OneTigris logo patch included
Package Contains:
  • OneTigris Dog Collar x 1
  • OneTigris logo patch x 1