OneTigris Tactical Dog Collar with Metal Buckle and D-Ring

Type: Dogs


The OneTigris Tactical Dog Collar with Metal Buckle and D-Ring is an essential dog collar for every pet parent. It is designed with a thick nylon strap with a thick soft cushion padded inner lining to ensure your dog wears comfortably and does not cause any irritation. Moreover, this dog collar features top-notch material and a durable design. With 5 adjustable length options for easy to adjust and fasten around your puppy's neck. The collar is padded for maximized comfort. Slap on a name patch or morale patch on the patch panel and you’re good to go! With this dog collar, it's convenient for you to add your dog leash and walk your dog easily to prevent your dog from chasing people, or bikes around the neighborhood. It can also keep your puppy safe if they get lost since it's proof that they have an owner and the attached tags you place may help them find their way home.


    • Brand Name: OneTigris
    • Material: Nylon Material
    • Medium Collar Size: 60cm
    • Large Size: 68cm
    • Extra Large Size: 76cm
    • Width: 3.8 cm
    • Fits the length of the dog's neck: M: 37-45cm L: 45-53cm XL: 53-61cm
    • Weight: 150g

Why You Have It:

  • The hook and loop allow you to add a unique patch for your dog.
  • Durable and comfortable thick nylon leash with a soft cushion so No hard edge to rub on the dog's neck
  • A heavy metal D ring is perfect for attaching your dog's leash
  • The collar does not stretch, be sure to leave only 2 fingers between the dog's neck and neck.
Package Contains:
  • 1 x OneTigris Dog Collar