OneTigris FIRE WATCHER Dog Harness

Type: Dogs


The Fire Watcher harness is made of 1000D Nylon material which makes it water-resistant. The harness is lightweight, more like a vest than a padded harness but the stitching is strong and holds up well so far. All the straps are adjustable and reinforced seams with quality UTX Duraflex® quick-release buckles to hold your beast. The straps provide a wide range of adjustments. One of the biggest features of this harness is the large velcro patch space which can be important for service dogs or if you want to warn people that you have a reactive/ anxious dog. The M-sized harness has an approximately 2” x 2” (5 x 5 cm) patch panel on the chest, 6” x 3” (14 x 7 cm) on the sides, and 8” x 2” (20 x 5 cm) on the top. The harness has a handle and one metal leash attachment ring on the back. It's also equipped with X-bungee cords on the top for holding a water bottle or carrying other weight. The bungee cords are strong and they are sewed under parts of the harness so it seems that it would hold in the long run. Show off K9 power to the fullest with this amazing kit.


    • Brand Name: OneTigris
    • Material: 1000D nylon, UTX® Duraflex® buckles, stainless D-rings
    • Size M Pull Force: utx-duraflex® buckle 121lb / 55kg; Front D-ring 264lb / 120kg; Rear D-ring 440lb / 200kg.
    • SIZE L Pull Force: utx-duraflex® buckle 143lb / 65kg; Front D-ring 440lb / 200kg; Rear D-ring 440lb / 200kg.
    • Dimensions: check the pictures.
    • Patch Panel Size: sides 15 x 7.5cm; Back 18 x 5cm

Why You Have It:

  • 1000D nylon construction for durability and added resistance to dirt/water/abrasion.
  • Buckle belly band design that is easy to put on and take off after use.
  • MOLLE is compatible with accessories such as totes and holders. Poop bag.
  • Stainless steel strap attachment points on the front of the chest for effective canine control
  • Top handle with a firm grip to avoid trouble when needed.
  • Patch panels on the front, top, and two sides for all your badass patches
  • Reinforced seams with quality UTX Duraflex® quick-release buckles to hold your beast
  • Unique x-bungee design for extra tactical style and to keep the patches in place.
  • Soft, breathable mesh lining for comfort and good airflow
  • Light and soft padding, it holds and dries easily, ideal for workouts and outings.
  • Improved structure after extensive testing to ensure a good fit and maximum comfort
Package Contains:
  • OneTigris Fire Watch Dog Harness * 1
  • OneTigris Red Logo Patch * 1


  • Always measure your dog before making a purchase!
  • Adjust the Narrow Neck / Midsection Dog Leashes so they do not easily slip off the harness when pulling back.
  • OneTigris harnesses are not designed to handle heavy weights and we recommend not relying on grab handles alone to carry your dog.
  • When carrying bags for a dog pack or harness, for most dogs, 10-12% of their body weight is a good starting point for loading dog packs. This would be 5-6lb for a 50lb dog or 2.5-3kg for a 25kg dog. Of course, the correct amount depends on several factors, such as your dog's breed, physical fitness, and energy level.
  • Please note that it is against the law to misrepresent your pet as a service dog and violators are subject to prosecution.