Gun & Flower GF-POMPSA OWB Polymer Holster M&P Shield Black R

Type: gun-holster


The Gun & Flower GF-POMPSA OWB  Polymer Holster is one of the most affordable M&P Shield holsters available on the market. And since it’s high in quality and does a great job doing what it’s supposed to do, this pretty much seals the deal for anyone who is looking for a holster on a budget. In fact, you’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to give this a closer look. This hits all the sweet spots in what a budget shopper should look for in a holster. The holster is exceptionally durable for a polymer holster and the contact point at the front of the trigger guard ensures you don’t get damaged to your slide from the internal parts of the slide style holster. The single finger release point follows a natural, safe movement and keeps your finger off of the trigger until it’s right to engage it.


  • Brand Name: Gun & Flower
  • Model Number: GF-POMPSA
  • Material: PA66 
  • Color: Black
  • Right Hand

Why You Have It:

  • Black color, made from high-quality nylon PA66 material
  • Index release, level II weapon retention for safe carry
  • Hard shape, compact design for the fast draw
  • 360-degree Rotation for multi-position carry
  • Equipped with belt holster attachment: clip, paddle, and Allen key
  • Fit M&P Shield pistols
Package Contains:
  • Gun & Flower GF-POMPSA OWB Polymer Holster  x 1