Gun & Flower GF-PISCCYA IWB Polymer Holster SCCY CPX-1/CPX-2 Black R

Type: gun-holster


The Gun & Flower GF-PISCCYA IWB  Polymer Holster is an excellent holster for carrying your weapon with safety. It is manufactured with high-standard polymer and with a smooth matte texture. This high-quality material saves your skin from irritation of weapon chafing. It will keep your gun concealed like a glove. There are millions of professional officers, security personnel, and military personnel who use this holster. This holster is compatible with SCCY CPX-1/CPX-2. It fits closer to your body, making it much better to be concealed under clothes. With its Allen key, you can set the clip according to desired degrees angle.  Its material is tough to touch but can mold with body movements. It includes high-grade strong polymer support that is better than leather. There is no effect on the quality of the polymer-like leather with use.


  • Brand Name: Gun & Flower
  • Model Number:  GF-PISCCYA
  • Material: PA66 
  • Color: Black
  • Right Hand

Why You Have It:

  • Black color, made from high-quality nylon PA66 material.
  • IWB design for deeply hidden carry.
  • Open top, exactly molded, quick draw, and re-holster.
  • Belt clip available with angle modification according to personal carry habit.
  • Tension adjustable with Allen key accessory.
  • Fit SCCY CPX-1 CPX-2 pistols
Package Contains:
  • Gun & Flower GF-PISCCYA IWB Polymer Holster  x 1