Gun & Flower GF-PIHCA IWB Polymer Holster Springfield Hellcat Black R

Type: gun-holster


The Gun & Flower GF-PIHCA IWB Polymer Holster For Springfield Hellcat is designed to be worn inside the waistband for concealed carry. The holster is made of PA66 polymer, which provides a durable, lightweight platform that can be easily cleaned and maintained. The sweat guard covers the entire slide of your pistol for added protection against moisture. The holster features adjustable retention screws that allow you to customize the level of friction needed to draw your weapon. This allows you to adjust for clothing thickness or personal preference. Moreover, the Gun & Flower holster is a slim, minimalist design that attaches securely to your belt. With its low-profile and adjustable retention pressure, you can carry with confidence knowing the gun will stay put until you draw it. Its unique design allows for a smooth and fast draw every time.


  • Brand Name: Gun & Flower
  • Model Number:  GF-PIHCA
  • Material: PA66
  • Color: Black
  • Right Hand

Why You Have It:

  • Black color, made from high-quality nylon PA66 material;
  • IWB design for deeply hidden carry;
  • Open top, exactly moved, quick draw and re-holster;
  • Belt clip available with angle modification according to personal carry habit;
  • Tension adjustable with Allen key accessory;
  • Fit Springfield Hellcat pistols
Package Contains:
  • Gun & Flower  GF-PIHCA IWB Polymer Holster  x 1