Gun & Flower GF-KIP07D IWB Kydex CZ 75 P07 Holster Tan R

Type: gun-holster


Anyone who owns a firearm understands the importance of having the perfect holster for their firearm. For those who own a CZ P07, this Gun & Flower GF-KIP07D IWB Kydex Holster is for them. It is engineered by  Gun & Flower right here in the USA and even comes with an adjustable clip that allows you to easily position your new holster on your belt. In addition, It is tested by professionals to provide the best quality, so it can be quickly extracted and applied in practice. The design is quite stylish and sleek, not to mention it is made from a high-quality Kydex sheet that is designed to last. This holster also has a built-in sweat shield to help reduce the amount of moisture penetrating your holster and causing it to wear down or end up smelling awful. It also has a one-piece body construction to prevent any issues with multiple parts getting lost or damaged. This is an all-in-one holster providing you with the comfort you desire.


  • Brand Name: Gun & Flower
  • Model Number:  GF-KIP07D
  • Material: Kydex Sheet
  • Color: Tan
  • Right Hand

Why You Have It:

  • IWB design for deep and concealed carry.
  • High-quality Kydex sheet imported from the USA.
  • Open the top, precisely molded, quickly unsheathe and re-sheathe.
  • Right hand
  • Fit for CZ 75 P07 pistols, custom shotgun models acceptable.
Package Contains:
  • Gun & Flower GF-KIP07D IWB Kydex Holster x 1