Gun & Flower GF-KIP07A IWB Kydex Holster For CZ 75 P07 Black R

Type: gun-holster


The Gun & Flower GF-KIP07A IWB  Kydex Holster For CZ 75 P07 is a great choice and doesn’t restrict your movement. It’s lightweight and secure, and the Kydex keeps your gun protected. It is engineered by picking up top-notch imported Kydex sheets to provide the best quality and user experience. It’s also remarkably comfortable and has full-length sweat guards. This Kydex holster, in general, makes re-holstering your weapon easier than holsters made from other materials do, and this one’s audible lock system makes reholstering even easier. The holster attaches to the waistband with a 1.5” plastic belt clip. The holster’s retention and can't are both adjustable. And it’s pretty low profile, so you have a lower risk of imprinting.  It is a great way to start in IWB carry.


  • Brand Name: Gun & Flower
  • Model Number:  GF-KIP07A
  • Material: Kydex
  • Color: Black
  • Right Hand

Why You Have It:

  • IWB design for deeply hidden carry.
  • The US imported a high-quality Kydex sheet.
  • Black color, custom for sand, army green, and other colors available;
  • Open top, exactly molded, quick draw, and re-holster;
  • Right-hand or left-hand optional;
  • Fit CZ 75 P07 pistols
Package Contains:
  • Gun & Flower GF-KIP07A IWB Kydex Holster  x 1