Emersongrear Ghost Hood Face Scarf

Type: Hats

Tactical balaclavas like the Emersongrear Ghost Hood Face Scarf are quickly becoming an accessory in the military and civilian world. From being used by soldiers as protective gear to be worn by civilians for protection from the weather, the tactical balaclava has become a must-have. Now, you can also complete your military or law enforcement uniform with the all-new Ghost Hood Face Scarf balaclava.

You can easily wear it in combination with your glasses or even under your combat helmet for additional protection, stealth, and insulation. It will keep your head warm during cold days when it's snowing outside. 

Brand Name: emersongear
Fabric Type: Woven
Pattern Type: Print
Description: EM6634 EmersonGear Ghost MULTI HOOD


  • ghost hood
  • lightweight
  • Size ML

The military uniforms have been around for a long time. But, they aren't always comfortable. So now they have developed a new solution to keep their men comfortable while being safe in the field. The new balaclava types are designed to keep your head protected even while you are doing everyday tasks like talking on the phone or driving a car. There are different styles of tactical balaclavas available. There are a full-face balaclava and half-face balaclava. There are a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, so choose the one that will best suit you and your style.