Emersongear EM8718 Tactical Lightweight Gloves MARPAT



Are you looking for a way to protect your hands on your most challenging adventures? These Emersongear EM8718 Tactical Gloves are made to keep up with you, from hunting trips to games to motorcycle trips and even deployments with the military. These gloves offer vital features like increased dexterity, hand protection, and superior fit. They don’t have the rigid knuckle protections other gloves have, but they make up for it in different categories. The design places premium quality material on your trigger finger to give you maximum sensitivity for when you need it most. Quickly move from task to task without getting snagged. These are great for shooting, but they are also the best tactical gloves for all weather due to their lightweight and premium design. These gloves are known worldwide as the best tactical gloves for shooting.


  • Brand Name: Emersongear
  • Model Number:  EM8718
  • Material: Leather and Polyester
  • Color: AOR2

Why You Have It:

  • The gloves are made of very durable materials to be used in difficult conditions.
  • They perfectly adapt to the shape of the hand, and the Velcro on the wrist protects against accidental slipping of the glove, ensuring its perfect adhesion to the hand.
  • The ergonomic shape allows you to perform particular activities without removing them.
  • The inner part is covered with synthetic leather, ensuring a firm grip when taking a shot and all activities in rugged terrain.
Package Contains:
  • Emersongear EM8718 Tactical Lightweight Gloves x 1