Emersongear EM7078 EVA Tactical Vest Dummy Plate

Type: Vest-Covers


If you are looking to add a little more realism to your loadout without weighing a tonne and still offering protection, then look no further. Emersongear EM7078 EVA Tactical Vest Dummy Plates are designed for exercises and drills by keeping in mind your requirements.  The plates are needed to replicate the look and shape of your real SAPI ceramic trauma plates, which are set inside a tactical vest in the military and police force, composing a ballistic vest. While training plates are not designed for absorbing a bullet, these foam “dummies” maintain the shape and structure of the real vest and help replicate actual missions. Furthermore, These plates allow freedom of movement without having to carry actual ballistic plates, and they certainly prevent unnecessary wear or damage to your armor plates during tactical exercises or range drills. The product is produced with high-density EVA foam. 


  • Brand Name: Emersongear
  • Model Number:EM7078
  • Material: EVA
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 255 x 327MM

Why You Have It:

  • EVA foam construction and super lightweight but still strong enough to take a good impact from an Airsoft gun or stumble.
  • Add it to your tactical vest, backpack or anywhere else you need the protection
  • Suitable for outdoor wargame activities.
  • Suitable to fit inside the plate carrier.
  • It also gives the realistic look of SAPI plates without the additional weight.
Package Contains:
  • 1x  Emersongear EM7078 EVA Tactical Vest Dummy Plate