Source Ultimate Hydration System 3 l

Source Ultimate Hydration System 3 l

The new Ultimate SOURCE WXP 3L is a true low-profile system and offers all the benefits of Source Hydration







Source Ultimate Hydration System 3 l

Ultimate Hydration System 3L Source

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The new Ultimate SOURCE WXP 3L is a true low-profile system and offers all the benefits of Source Hydration.
The high-performance hydration reservoir is made from low-maintenance 3-layer coextruded polyethylene (glass-like liner). With integrated Grunge guard and taste-free technology. Guaranteed safe and tasteless drinking water It comes with IRR Tube Cover, Dirt Shield Valve Cap, UTA Rapid Refill Adapter and Magnetic Clip.


- FDA approved materials: All materials that come into contact with the drinking water are FDA approved.
- Integrated refill handle for quick and easy refilling without spills
- Large NC sealing cap air-tight, flat, one-hand operated. Compatible with common personal filtration systems. The cap fits the FILBE hydration filling opening
- Magnetic clip holds the drinking valve in place
- UTA Rapid Refill Adapter
- U.S.M.C. - FILBE compatible drinking system (suitable for US Marine Corps FILBE transmission)
- Average filling time with UTA from a bottle: 1.5 l per minute. From a tap: 2.0L per Minute
- Helix valve: has a rounded shape that does not require mouth alignment for ease of use
- Retraction spring mechanism allows for a soft bite as with a one-piece bite valve with leak-proof capability, which does not drip even under pressure or prolongs the use
- Built-in Bio-Net start-up mechanism for no spillage during transportation
- Angle valve rotates 360 degrees for perfect valve / mouth alignment. Allows the tube to be 25cm shorter
- Dirt-Shield Protector: Keeps the valve free from dirt and protected during transport


- Height: 36 cm / 14.2 inch
- Width: 25 cm / 9.8 inch
- Max depth (full): 8 cm / 3,1 inch
- Hose length: 94 cm / 3 ft
- Weight Drinking System (Widepac + Tube): 0,287 kg (199 g + 88 g)
- Weight UTA: 19 g
- Weight magnetic clip: 9 g

The color specification refers to the tube, not to the drinking bubble!

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