BATEX Technische Textilien GmbH Soft Armour SK1 Black

BATEX Technische Textilien GmbH Soft Armour SK1 Black
BATEX Technische Textilien GmbH

The original SK1 soft ballistics of Batex is suitable for a variety of protective vests and plate carriers. You will receive this set of two soft ballistics bays for the front and back panel.






BATEX Technische Textilien GmbH Soft Armour SK1 Black

SK1 Soft ballistic inserts BATEX

Pictures may vary from the original.


The original SK1 soft ballistics inserts from BATEX are suitable for various protective vests and plate carriers. The set consists of two soft ballistics inserts for front and back.
The soft ballistics have the protection class SK1 and a splinter protection level of 630m/s. This protection class stops e.g. 9mm pistol bullet.


- water- and light-tight welded
- Universal size ,

Matching vests/plate carriers:
- 75TACTICAL SIGMA200 Covert Vest
- 75TACTICAL OMEGA3 Covert Vest
- CONDOR Modular Quick Release Plate Carrier,
- P6 universal vest from Lindnerhof Tactics,
- and many more
- Width Above: 27cm
- Width at the bottom: 62cm
- Total height: 35cm
- Height sides (measured from bottom): 20cm
- Front and back have the same dimensions
- Weight approx. 1,5kg


Ballistic basic protection SK1 (included)

Softballistic construction made of combi-aramid (para-aramid fabric) including multi-layered shock absorber, approx. 7.4 kg/m�,
-Covert safety vest, acc. TR-protective vests-, as of 03/2008, welded into light- and water-impermeable fabric.

Insert made in Germany: Manufacturer SK1 Inserts: BATEX Technical Textiles Limited,
Inspection body: Ballistics Laboratory at Mellrichstadt

The product is not CE-Certified and is made accordance to military guidlines. The Sale to Consumer is not possible (only to officials like police, military,.. etc. and companys).
The export outside germany to a private person is only possible by providing a valid End-Use-Certificate (ECU). Military postal servis is possible.
The export to other companys or government�agencys is possible when there are no import restrictions to the recipient country.

The delivery periode of the inserts can not be estimated at the moment. We accept pre-orders!

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