Zebra Armour Viper 3 Combat Helmet NIJ3A FAST

Updated: Jan 19

This Viper 3 helmet FAST-style manufactured by Zebra Armour (South Africa) and distributed by HCS is a further development of the classic Half-Cut or Special Forces helmet (MICH 2001) and offers the wearer the best possible hearing and sight in combination with a low weight. #Ad

It is delivered with rails and pad systems and is compatible with most modern night vision devices and headsets. In comparison to the standard Special Forces helmet (MICH 2001), the helmet has a more in-depth extension in the neck area to increase the protection area.


  • Mounting for night vision devices

  • comfortable chinstraps

  • VERY lightweight, about 3 lbs (1500 g)

  • high protection level IIIA (NIJ standard)

  • maximum comfort due to 7-pad system

  • easy to adjust

  • slight limitation of the sense of hearing

  • compatible with standard night vision devices and headsets

  • Rails are included (including 2x Picatinny Rail and 2x Winglock)

  • Particularly suitable for special forces

Sizes Pad-System:

  • S-M: 20-23 Inch (51-59 cm) head circumference

  • L-XL: 22.5-25 Inch (57-63 cm) head circumference

Sizes for Net-Harness

  • S: 20-21.25 Inch (51-54 cm) head circumference (helmet size S-M)

  • M: 21.5-22.75 Inch (55-58 cm) head circumference (helmet size S-M)

  • L: 22.5-24 Inch (57-61 cm) head circumference (helmet size L-XL)

  • XL: 23.5- 25.25 Inch (60-64 cm) head circumference (helmet size L-XL)


Ballistic Base Protection Level IIIA (NIJ)

protects against the usual hand weapons, such as .44 Magnum SWC-GC, .357 SIG FMJ FN,

7.62 x 25 Tokarev Lead, 9mm FMJ Rem, .357 GECO MP

Available with splinter protection level U6 and F6:

  • Minimum fragmentation level: V50 (m/s) = 600 (m/s); (U6)

  • Minimum fragmentation level: V50 (m/s) = 660 (m/s); (F6)

Specifications NVG Mounting

Designed and manufactured by ZEBRA ARMOUR

This mainly flat mount has a standard 3-bolt mount and is made of a special light metal alloy.

That ensures a stable and precise base for night vision devices.

Compatible with most non-aircraft helmet-mounted NVG mounts, such as:

  • US Army Standard # A3256368

  • Wilcox® L4 G24 # 28300G24

  • Wilcox® L4 G21M # 28300G21M

  • Wilcox® L4 G25 # 28300G25

  • Wilcox® L4 G29M # 28300G29M

  • Wilcox® L4 G01 # 56500G01

  • Wilcox® L4 G02 # 56500G02

  • Norotos® INVG # 1820010

  • Norotos® AKA2 # 1840010

Also compatible with most helmet accessories that use NVG mounts, such as:

  • GoPro HD Hero camera

  • PrincetonTec Remix Illuminator

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The helmet is available in different colors and sizes from HCS Ausrüstung GmbH:

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