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Warrior Assault Systems Backpack Cargo Pack

Updated: Jan 19

The Warrior-A.S. Elite Ops Cargo Pack is an ultra-slim Backpack that can be strapped on Plate Carrier or protective vests via Molle straps or worn as a regular daypack or hydration pack. #Ad

Warrior-A.S. Elite Ops Cargo Pack Backpack


The WARRIOR-A.S. Assault Cargo Pack is a small backpack that can be worn on ballistic plate carriers or vests via Molle mounting or worn with the detachable straps as a small and versatile daypack.


  • detachable shoulder straps

  • integrated 3-liter drinking bubble compartment (bubble not included)

  • large zipped main compartment

  • small zipped pocket with divider

  • Compression belts

  • 4 loops Molle on 2 levels as an additional fastening Option

  • 2 sticking straps for the drinking hose

  • Dimensions: approx. 7.09 x 7.09 x 15.16 inches (18 x 18 x 38,5 cm) (LxBxH)

  • Weight approx. 1.61 lbs (730 g)

  • Material: 100% 500D Cordura

  • the textile is manufactured according to US Mil Spec

  • the materials that are used have the lowest possible infrared signature

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