The Blackhawk Omnivore Multifit Holster

Updated: Jan 19

The OMNIVORE MultiFit Holster from BLACKHAWK can accommodate more than 150 styles of semi-automatic handguns. The weapon is secured against involuntary removal. #Ad


  • for more than 150 styles of semi-automatic handguns with an accessory rails

  • Belt holder for all common belt and/or coupling widths

  • Active Retention Mechanism – Instinctive thumb-activated delivers instant access

  • Level 2 Retention - two features to hold handgun securely in place

  • Free Floating Design - Does not wear firearms frame or finish

  • made of high-strength carbon fiber

  • SERPA Auto Lock Release

  • 3-Position Adjustable Release

  • The height of thumb-activated retention mechanism adjust to fit hand

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Needfull Accessories:

The Blackhawk OMNIVORE Rail-attachment kit

Is used to connect many pistols with the Blackhawk Omnivore holster as a fixpoint for the safety trigger.


The Blackhawk Omnivore Rail-Attachment Kit is used to connect many pistols without a tactical lamp or laser light module to the Blackhawk Omnivore holster.

The prerequisite for this is that the gun has a Picatinny mount below the barrel, to which the attachment can be screwed..


  • for use with the Blackhawk Omnivore Holster

  • suitable for numerous pistols with Picatinny mount below the barrel

  • easy to attach- and removable with screws

  • serves as a fixpoint for the pull-out protection of the holster

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Also the Blackhawk Omnivore thumb pad for different longer and shorter thumbs:


  • SKU: 5011-20 | MPN: ? | EAN: 604544623536 | ASIN: B07HDCNYL7 | Pads on Amazon

How to Use all the Blackhawk Omnivore Multifit Products?


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