Updated: Jan 19

Oakley is a worldwide known producer for Sun-Glasses as also for eye-protection for shooting and hunting, googles, and protective eyewear like the M-Frame and Si-Ballistic that are specially designed for tactical Police- and Military-Units usage.

Oakley is a well-known name among eyewear manufacturers and especially for its designer- and sport-eyewear. The company prides itself on its innovations in lens and glass technology and offers a wide range of eyewear, from design-eyeglasses to stylish ski goggles. Also, Oakley sells sports and everyday clothes for men and women. However, the company has its roots in sports. Since 1975 the manufacturer sold his glasses and began with new lenses for motocross riders. Long test phases precede technical innovations with athletes in field operations. Fashionable, sport-suitable visual aids - this is what the brand stands for. In addition to his sports goggles, the company also has a big name for sunglasses. These are also often developed with the help of the latest technologies to ensure the best possible protection for the eyes. At the same time, however, the view should not be minimized as possible. The sunglasses have different tints, and each shade is perfectly adapted to an environment to maximize the blend and UV protection. Besides, Oakley eyeglasses are characterized by exceptional stability, because they are tested especially for resistance.

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