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Nextorch is a German manufacturer for tactical Flashlights and Signal-Torches like the famous Glo-Toob, and also lights with a focus for police and military mission with Molle- and Helmet-Attachments.

Nextorch is a company that produces tactical equipment such as flashlights or GLO-TOOB's. The company was found in 2005 and included about 70 designers who are focussed in different departments of the company. Except for torches, which are one of the leading products, the company also offers tactical knives and batons. Except for private persons the company also provides its products for different job categories such as the fire department, the police, the military and the ambulance in 53 different countries. The company has also received many awards and certificates which are representing its high quality. In general, Nextorch can convince with a 5-year warranty for every product being offered.

Other than that, the company always has a high availability of its products and also convinces with a short delivery time. Mainly Nextorch is specialized in the production of tactical flashlights and other tactical equipment. Because of that, there is a considerable amount of LED-flashlights in different colors and sizes. All of them are made out of high-quality materials that are guaranteeing a durable product. Also, all the products are signed with relevant certificates of the EU such as CE, RoHS, REACh, WEEE.

Furthermore, the products are being produced under consideration of the ANSI/NEMA standard. Headlights can be found in the range of products as well. Other than that, there are GLO TOOB's that are signal-lights that can be used for pets such as dogs or cats. The product range of knives shows a wide range of foldable knives. Also, all the blades are stainless and being offered in different colorways.

The Nextorch products we covered in our blog:


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