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Bollé© the Manufacturer for Eye-Protection, Google X1000, Sun-Glasses, protective Googles for your tactical Gear as Head-Protection for Police and Military and also for a wide variety of sporting activities.

Bollé© - Allegiance to quality since 1888 The success story of the well-known company started with Seraphim Bollé© 130 years ago. He set out with a small production to manufacture combs and hair accessories in the pictures French village Oyonnax. After the Second World War, the company integrated nylon into its product range. A material that was back then relatively unknown and not as widely used as it is today. The eyewear produced was mainly for security and later for the sports sector. Therefore their standards were extremely high. The leap from High-tech to High-fashion It was the fabulous 60s when Bollé© made an appearance in the fashion world. The first set of skiing eyewear was so well designed and functional at the same time, that even Jackie Kennedy wore them. The iconic cat eye sunglasses were created in Bollé© design department. This milestone marks the time when the brand was not only seen at the Olympics but also on catwalks around the world. Since then the name has been synonymous with high quality and style alike. Bollé© vintage sunglasses from this era are widely popular with collectors. Today then the company supplies professional athletes as well as fashion icons. They appreciate the durability, efficiency and the versatility of Bollé© eyewear. The main focus still lies on the functionality of their products, but Bollé© also has an eye on the design and style of their sunglasses.

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