3M Peltor Camelback Gel Sealing Rings HY80, HY68 and HY79 Replacement Earmuff Cushions

Updated: Jan 19

3M Peltor provides a wide range of replacement earmuff cushions for their headsets. The earmuff cushions should be replaced regularly, to prevent damage to the headset and for hygienic reasons. We will cover some typical replacement kits and how to maintain them. #Ad

3M Peltor Camelback silicone gel comfort Earmuff Cushions


The silicone gel 3M Peltor earmuff cushions are incredibly soft, close and filled with silicone gel. When wearing a cooling effect prevents perspiration.


  • Very suitable for eyeglass wearers

  • Suitable for all 3M Peltor ComTac headsets

  • Maximum possible comfort

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  • SKU: 4010-07 | EAN: 7318640067097 | MPN: HY80 | ASIN: B00DHVXKVA | HY80 on Amazon

3M Peltor HY68 Hygiene kit - Replacement Ear Cushions for ComTac Headsets


The HY68 Hygiene kit from 3M Peltor consists of two ear pads and the insulating insert made of foam. The earpads HY68 fit all models of Comtac XP Series 3M Peltor.

When the headset is worn, the wearer perspires the internal capsule region by capillary action; water is absorbed and held in HY68 Hygiene kit.


  • Compatible with all Peltor ComTac headsets

  • available in black and olive

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3M Peltor HY79 Hygiene Kit - Replacement Ear Cushions for ProTac Headsets and many more


The HY79 hygiene kit by 3M Peltor consists of two ear cushions and the foam insert.

The ear cushions fit all models of the ProTac III series and most other headsets from 3M Peltor.

When the headset is worn, the wearer transpires in the inner capsule area. Capillary action absorbs the water and holds it in the HY79 Hygiene Kit.


  • Compatible with all ProTac III Headsets and most other Peltor-Headsets

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  • SKU: 4010-30 | EAN: 4054596206311 | MPN: HY79 | ASIN: B001FY2J5E | HY79 on Amazon

Notes on use:

Airing out as follows:

  • Carrying time x 2 times as a rest period for airing (= 16h ventilation for 8h wearing time)

  • The room temperature should be at least 64°F (18°C) degrees

  • The repository should be well ventilated (air conditioning)

By continually picking up and releasing the sweat, the Hygiene Kit consumes itself over time. Therefore it loses his function over time, and the moisture is transferred to the board.

Recommendation: The Kits should be replaced every six months to prevent damage to the headset!

The right fit, but attention

Due to the high degree of standardization, most 3M Peltor replacement kits are available across the various product lines, e.g., ComTac, ProTac, SportTac, etc. and are interchangeable due to the design.

However, that does not mean that the protective effect is given to the same extent.

3M only guarantee for protection if the respective headset uses the replacement kits suitable for the series.


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