3M Peltor

Updated: Jan 19

3M-Peltor the famous producer for the legendary ComTac, SportTac, and ProtTac headset-lines and other outstanding Ear-Protection products. The products designed for the most severe jobs in the industry, police, and military.

With more than 100,000 patents and approximately 89,500 employees in 70 countries, 3M is a global multi-technology company. The company was founded in 1902 in Minnesota, USA. The Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company was originally founded for the production of abrasive paper.

The enterprise even equipped partly Neil Armstrong for the first moon landing on 21 July 1969. 3M wrote one success story, in innovation and progress, after another and became the multi-industry company of today. Their wide range of products is also visible in their diverse customer groups: From officials, hospitals, doctors, scientists, to workers and the German army.

The Peltor brand of the 3M company specializes in hearing protection at work, as well as hunting and shooting. Besides, under the brand Peltor, they are selling adjustable microphones, helm pads, and other accessories for ear protection. As a result of its technological progress, 3M has established itself as one of the world's leading manufacturers of hearing protection products.

We covered a bunch of 3M-Peltor products in our blog:


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