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IMI-Defense is a manufacturer from Israel for gun holsters for most handguns like the Glock17, H&K USP, SIG226. They produce Level3 Holster and Concealment-Holster, Gun-Accessories, and a wide range of tactical Gear for Police and Military.
IMI Defense is a company from Israel and was founded in 2002 by Nisim Zusman. Since that moment, IMI Defense aims to produce the most advanced, most ergonomic, and innovative weapon accessories in the world. To achieve this goal, different experts from the professions engineer, weaponsmith, product designer, and shooter work together most of them with their own experience in tactical combat. Special attention has been given to IMI Defense through its holster series. They are used and valued by hundreds of thousands of soldiers around the world. The holster is characterized by high stability, a perfect fit for every weapon and user-friendliness. In addition to holsters, the company also produces pistol grips, rear shafts and weapon magazines. Israeli Defense Forces are testing all of the Company's products in a practice-oriented manner, and that is the way they are being optimized for later use in combat.
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