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Eightsox a manufacturer of ergonomic designed Socks, Running-Socks, Sport-Socks for Jogging and all kind of Running Sports that provides extra stability. Eightsox is a Brand of the Lowa Boot Company.
Eightsox is a German producer for brilliant sportive socks in Bavaria. The fantastic company is specialized in running and outdoor activity socks. The portfolio consists for example of products like running-socks, trekking-socks, bike-socks, tennis-socks, and ski socks. Eightsox offers unique socks for running, which are innovative due to modern technology. The aim or purpose is to avoid painful injuries and swellings of the feet.
The feet should be strong and powerful, so it is all about the comfort and safety of your feet. These socks are especially elastic and comfortable as well. What is unique about the Eightsox, is, that your ankle is entirely supported by the 8-Support-Bandage and strong kind of pads. On the one hand, there is the 8-ankle-flex zone which protects the foot; on the other hand, the Achilles tendon is supported as well. The innovative technology gives you a good feeling. With the help of the 8-VENTILATION made in Germany, the socks are breathable indeed.
Nevertheless, the socks are also excellent for skiing. The fantastic Merino-wool is used for all products. Advantages of the Eightsox as sportive clothes are the prevention of injuries, sweat odor, and swellings when doing sports in a stronger manner.
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