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Bluegun is a US-based manufacturer for Training-Weapons and Equipment, Pistols, Rifles like the M4, USP, Glock17, P30, Sig220, Grenades, Flashlights by Rings in Law Enforcement Blue.
The Bluegun brand of Ring's Manufacturing is produced in the USA and sold worldwide. Their customers include armies and combat sports enthusiasts to train the use with weapons and the defense against it. Even other producers use the blueguns to let their products look more identical, e.g., Holster. The company itself is a subsidiary of Ring's Studio Gun Rental Inc. These provide ready-made weapons for film turning. Thus a great experience had already been given to the processing of firearms, which was then reinforced by the production of foam guns. In the 1990s the construction of blueguns began. The drive for this was a large number of inquiries. Through their extensive experience and intensive research in the production of the Blueguns, they have managed to produce the most detailed and durable "Firearm Simulators." Because only when the weapons are manufactured as precisely as possible, one can train realistically. Their products include imitations of firearms, flashlights, knives, and other objects.
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