Warrior Assault Systems Grab Bag Standard, Low Profile and Command

Updated: Jan 19

This Warrior-A.S. Grab Bag allows you to carry some needful tactical gear in your vehicle or when dismounting, over your shoulder. The bag is available in three different versions: Standard, Low Profile and Command. The models differ in the modular pockets that are attached under the slap on the Front. #Ad

Warrior Assault Systems Grab Bag

General facts:

The tactical shoulder bag that is sometimes referred to as an EOD Gear Bag or Bail Out Bag is a versatile, for example as a gas mask bag, as ammunition bag or as a utility bag.


The main compartment is well protected by a zip-off cover with a transparent card compartment (10.63 x 14.17 inches (27 x 36 cm)). That is backed up with a Fastex closure.

Main compartment with three sub-compartments and radio cable opening

  • 1 flat pocket with 3 wide elastic bands

  • 2. wide central compartment with mobile or radio pocket and elastic loops for pens or glowsticks

  • A 3. flat outer compartment, that is fully lined with fleece, including a hock and loop attached pistol holster and a single magazine pouch.

Warrior-A.S. Bag Standard Grab

The standard version with three M4 magazine pouches for the following magazines:

2 x M4, SA80, P Mags, H&K 416, Diemaco, Sig 516, (G36 fits, but can not be pulled fast)

(Holds a total of 6 x 5.56 mm Magazine)

Warrior-A.S. Low Profile Grab Bag

The low profile design with 3 x open M4 magazine pouches is suitable for the following magazines: M4, SA80, Sig 516, 7.62 mm AK

(Holds a total of 3 x 5.56 mm Magazine)

Warrior-A.S. Command Grab Bag

The Command execution has a Gen1 Command Panel instead of 3 x 5.56 mm ammunition pouches. (3 x 5.56 mm magazines can be secured within the main compartment via elastic rubber bands).


  • The hinged lid may be folded back and secured when it is not needed

  • Space for medical equipment, food, water bottle, etc.

  • Outside of the bag is a GPS pocket and two pistol magazine bags

  • Removable shoulder

  • Dimensions approx 15.6 x 4.72 x 9.84 inches (32 x 12 x 25 cm, L x W x H)

  • Weight 3.1 lbs (1400 g)

  • Material: 100% 500D Cordura

  • Capacity 2.64 gal (10 Liters)

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