3M Peltor MT7N and Gentex Microphone + NATO-Adapter

Updated: Jan 19

For 3M Peltor headsets, most microphones are also available separately. More about: the normal dynamic microphone MT7N, the extra moisture-resistant Gentex mic MT31 and the NATO cable adapter we will cover here. #Ad

3M Peltor Gentex Microphone MT31


The Gentex MT31microphone by 3M Peltor is a waterproof microphone with gooseneck microphone arm. It is very flexible and comes with wind protection.

It was specially developed for shooters (shooting sports) and the military, especially the navy.


  • waterproof (deep 2 ft (60 cm) for 30 Minuten)

  • flexible gooseneck microphone arm

  • wind protection

SKU / EAN / MPN / ASIN / Amazon-Link

SKU: 4010-15 | EAN: 7318640064102 | MPN: MT31 | ASIN: B004VIKZV6 | MT31 on Amazon

3M Peltor Dynamic Microphone MT7N


The dynamic microphone MT7N from 3M Peltor is a replacement microphone for various Peltor XP / XPI headsets. It was specially developed for shooters (shooting sports) and the military. The microphone boom can be positioned at different angles.


  • dynamic microphone

  • MT7N

  • positioning at different angles

SKU / EAN / MPN / ASIN / Amazon-Link

SKU: 4010-17 | EAN: 7318640061491 | MPN: MT7N900 | ASIN: B00PCMRTG4 | MT7N on Amazon

Note: Can only be mounted on Peltor headsets where dynamic microphone connection is possible. If necessary, a cable connection kit must be used.

Headsets that had previously been plugged into an electret microphone will not work with this microphone.

3M Peltor NATO Adapter TP120 zu J11


The 3M Peltor NATO adapter is needed if you need to purchase headsets from non-European countries such as the USA or Canada and then connect them to an EU-PTT adapter. The adapter allows connection of NATO-populated Peltor headsets to standard Peltor PTT adapters.


  • Plug: J11 (Nexus TP-120)

  • Socket: J11 (Nexus TP-120)

  • length: 9.84 inch (25 cm)

The 3M Peltor NATO-Adapter is available here!


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