3M-Peltor M60/2 microphone foam windscreens and ARC-Helmet-Rail Attachments

Updated: Jan 19

From time to time, the 3M Peltor windscreens for the integrated micro have to be replaced because it is heavily soiled or damaged. The ACH-ARC-Rail attachments are also a useful accessory for attaching your own ComTac to the combat helmet. #Ad

3M Peltor M60/2 Microphone Foam Windscreen


The 3M Peltor M60/2 microphone foam windscreens adapt to different external microphones from the ComTac tactical headset series.


  • Plastic inner ring with claws is included

Compatible with:

  • Comtac XP

  • WS Protac XP

  • Alert (not Alert XP!)

  • Lite Com Plus

  • Lite Com Pro II

  • Lite Com WS

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  • SKU: 4010-10 | EAN: 7318640066908 | MPN: M60/2 | ASIN: B004VHU4ZY | M60/2 on Amazon

3M Peltor ARC-Rail-Helmet Attachments


The helmet attachment for ARC-Rails, like on OPS Core helmets for 3M Peltor Comtac XPI headset and hearing protector is suitable for all with ARC-Rails equipped MICH 2000, MICH 2001, MICH 2002 and FAST-Helmets.


  • Suitable for all standard helmet ARC-Rails system

  • Suitable for all hearing protectors of ComTac XP / XPI series and various other 3M-Peltor headsets

SKU / EAN / MPN / ASIN / Amazon-Link


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